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Last modified: April 21, 2020

There files are 2 types per track that are written as below.

  • KBF_xxxxx_01.ogg

    If it is played with the RPGMaker that is included with the music files, it can be made to play in a seamless loop.

  • KBF_3m_xxxxx_01.ogg

    If you don't use the above tool, you should use this type. Its length is about 3 to 4 minutes and it fades out at the end.


  • KBF_xxxxx_01.ogg


  • KBF_3m_xxxxx_01.ogg



  1. With the BGM files use, it is regarded that you agree to the following terms.
  2. With the use that is within the terms, royalty does not occur.
  3. It doesn't matter what kind of use it is - whether it is for applications, commercial use or non-profit use.
  4. It is prohibited to transfer and re-distribute.
  5. When using the BGM files, it is not necessarily to notify the of me or to obtain my permissions.
  6. When using the BGM files with a music video, it requires a copyright notice.
  7. These terms of conditions and BGM files might be modified without any notification.


  1. BGM素材の使用をもって、以下の利用規約に同意したものとします。
  2. 規約範囲内の使用において、ロイヤリティは発生いたしません。
  3. 素材の利用用途、営利、非営利は問いません。
  4. 素材の譲渡、および再配布は禁止とします。
  5. 基本的に素材利用の際の著作権表示、作者への報告は不要です。
  6. 音楽を主体とする動画で素材を使用する際は、著作権表示をお願いします。
  7. 以上の規約、および素材は予告なしに改変する場合がございます。

Packs & Outside Links

Karugamo BGM Packs

- for games
- for video editing
Degica Shop
Unity Asset Store
- sound effects and voices
Free MIDI files


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Special Thanks


  • tobi: Main Composeer
  • Edelwhite: Sub Composer (The file name containing "_EW" are composed by her.)
  • Kokko: Sound Effects Editor